An open-source tool that simplifies parallelizing Cypress tests on AWS infrastructure for local development.

Conifer automates the provisioning of a parallelized testing infrastructure and the deployment of the user's application onto this infrastructure. The user can then execute their test suite across the multiple nodes of the parallelized infrastructure to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to test their application.

Conifer was built with JavaScript/Node.js, React, Express, TailwindCSS, and deploys the following AWS infrastructure (ECS, EC2, S3, DynamoDB). It also comes with a user friendly dashboard, enabling real-time monitoring of the test suite run, with info such as the status of each individual test and the time it takes to run. The user will also have access to the videos of the tests after each test is completed.

Other Projects


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Shopping Cart

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About Me

I am a Bay Area native with a past life as a civil engineer (even got my PE!). I'm the co-creator of Conifer, an open-source tool to simplify parallelizing Cypress tests for local development.

I've always had a passion for building things- whether it be physical infrastructure or digital infrastructure. Nowadays, I enjoy tinkering with the digital side of things and am currently learning TypeScript.

In my off time, I'll be:

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